Get Fit - How it works

Get Fit

How it works

What lies at the core of Get Fit fitness studio’s work is an enjoyable relationship with its clients. Sessions are engaging and diverse and are meant to be a form of relaxation after a hard day’s work. At all times, coaches pay close attention to athletes and everything is focused on reaching the desired goal. Workout programmes are based on the needs, lifestyle and the current level of fitness of each athlete. Each session is designed to be enjoyable, diverse and interesting, but also to help gain strength and energy for both private and professional life of each athlete.

Work values of our team:
- Individual approach to each client
- Motivation
- Efficiency
- Competency
- Commitment
- Results

Workout programmes:
- Muscle mass gaining
- Muscle toning and improving overall fitness
- Reducing body weight and healthy weight loss
- Correction and flexibility

Within its workout programme, Get Fit fitness studio offers:
- Measuring and improvement tracking using a high-end Japanese equipment TANITA ( and specialised software
- Cardio programme (treadmill, elliptical, indoor rower) by leading equipment manufacturers LifeFitness (, OctaneFitness (, TechnoGym (, Concept (
- Cardio boxing - freestanding punchbag, focus mitts, gloves
- Vibration training - Power Plate (
- Strength training (Kinesis (, a wide array of dumbells, rack, bench, pull up and dips equipment, kettlebell, fitness bag, rubber bands...)
- TRX suspension trainer ( - a workout concept where you use your own body weight as resistance
- Floor exercise, wall bars, stepper, medicine ball
- Coaching and creating a diet plan with a professional nutritionist

If you don’t do regular physical exercise, you need to consult your doctor before the workout.