Personal trainer personalized approach to the client

Since the founding of the Get Fit Fitness Center, I have strived for and insisted only on quality. Each individual must first and foremost have one great respect. My team and I know each of our members at heart. Every result whether it is good or not (not to be deceived are not always measurement ...


Before and After Training - It is important when and what you eat before and after training

As we told you before, no workout will help unless you eat healthy. Therefore, the synergistic effect of proper nutrition and physical activity produces the best results. We have reminded you what are the first steps you need to take, and now we want to tell you what is important and when to eat, or ...


Take off your tummy after childbirth - And button that button on your jeans

Eh, when I just remember my anguish when, as a young mom, I was confronted with the shows I had about babies, which were based on some scenes from those cute movies where babies just laugh, possibly choke, and when you kiss them, you drop into the crib, they instantly fall asleep and sleep soundly ...