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Get Fit is a high quality and professional fitness studio located in New Belgrade, in Belville, near the suburbs of A Blok and Savada, in a brand new space, equipped with high end equipment where experienced coaches will help you reach your goals easily. The number of athletes is limited which allows the coaches to fully commit to each and every client. By creating individual workout programmes we support people who have decided to change their bad life habits and guide them towards their desired positive changes. We help our clients incorporate a healthy lifestyle and exercise into their everyday life. Our mission it to continuously build a family of recreational athletes by promoting healthy lifestyles that help maintain health and fitness, and the joy of being active and socialising.

The modern day professional sport has become a phenomenon of our time, with results exceeding all expectations. Still, the global image of the modern way of life, insufficient physical activity, and inadequate diet all lead to a wide range of potential problems that we face today. Science, both here and abroad, the media, health organisations, professional sports players and recreational athletes all work every day on raising awareness of the need to exercise daily, primarily moving and working out. This is something that the World Health Organization also points to.

Recreational sports should be motivated by health, fitness, and satisfaction. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of recreational athletes who take up sports. Most of them want to be the best version of themselves and be active.

After leaving professional sports and entering the world of recreational sports, the founders of GET FIT saw the gaps that recreational sports centres offered to the modern day athlete. These were primarily related to the needs of modern day recreational athletes:
- To exercise before or after work, which automatically means early and late working hours.
- To work out in a subtle and pleasant space, with a minimal number of staff and athletes during workouts.
- To have professional and reliable coaches, which will guide you through the sessions.
- To use High end equipment for safer and more engaging exercises.
- To get continuous novelties in the workout and equipment programme to avoid monotony when working out over a longer period of time.

And so Get Fit was born in 2012. It is located in New Belgrade, in Belville, near major business centres (AirPort City, Belgrade Office, Raiffeisen, GTC, Delta City...) and residential blocks (A Blok, Savada, West 65). Here you will find a brand new space, with pro high end sports and medical equipment. The studio works 7/365 and offers experienced coaches, a well known nutritionist, and individual workout programmes. All of this has quickly made Get Fit a choice and part of everyday life of many modern business people.

Get Fit - Our tim

Borjana Damnjanović

The founder of the Get Fit fitness studio. A former professional sports player and a certified personal and functional coach with many years of experience. She holds the licenses by the Fitness and Recreation Association.

"As a professional sport player for many years, I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and difficult workouts. I’ve had a chance to work with numerous coaches. I’ve always tried to learn and take away the best from all of them, but I also figured out the mistakes that I didn’t want to repeat in my own work, which I felt on my own skin. Today, as a coach, what I think is the most important is my relationship with the athletes I work with. Understanding and approach when working with each individual athlete should first of all be human. Not everyone of us was born to do sports. I try to use my positive attitude so that everyone who comes to work out feels positive energy and support from me. Once you achieve that, it’s easier to achieve the goals. This is the sign that I’m doing a good job, ie that people who work with me come to love exercise and see me as their support.
Just to be clear, exercising isn’t easy. "

Aleksandar Babić

Certified personal and functional coach with many years of experience. Besides his work at Get Fit, he worked abroad where he specialised in the field of functional training and Crossfit. He strives to channel his positive attitude and energy to the athletes he works with.

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