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Get Fit Body Composition Analysis

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a fast, non-invasive and affordable method to analyse the body composition. The BIA method analyses the body composition by sending a low and safe electrical signal through the body. This signal travels through the body – facing no resistance when traveling through muscle fibers, but facing resistance when the hitting the fat tissue. This resistance is called bioelectric impedance and is measured on body fat monitors such as scales. When you set a person’s parameters (age, sex, height), TANITA scales uses its software to calculate percentage of fat in the body composition.

You should bear in mind that there are two types of changes regarding body impedance analysis: periodical changes (changes between several days, eg throughout a week) and daily changes (cyclical changes during a single day). When analysing the entire body, the 8 electrodes measurement system on TANITA scales uses the impedance between arms and legs. When analysing specific body parts, the impedances of those parts are used. Impedances differ between upper and lower body extremities. As the impedance of the trunk is quite low (only 5–10% of the impedance between the arm and the foot), the changes that include the trunk can almost completely be ignored when measuring the impedance between arms and legs, while the changes for lower and upper body extremities are synchronised.

Peripheral impedance usually increases during sleep and decreases during exercise due to distribution ie reduction and increase of extracellular liquid in peripheral body parts. This causes differences in impedance between daily measurements but also in measurements during several days.

Tanita is the leading manufacturer of high-end professional scales for body composition analysis. Owing to athletes and standard modes, these scales allow both professional and recreational athletes to closely monitor their body weight, health, and fitness, and track all relevant parametres.